Shehu Olayinka

Shehu Olayinka is a data journalist, researcher specialising in investigating disinformation and digital manipulation.

Truth under fire: The multi-front assault on facts during 2023 Nigerian election

Many Nigerians yearn for the opportunity to participate in a peaceful voting process, one...

Insecurity still a major problem despite Nigerian govt’s claims

Nigeria’s National Security Adviser, NSA, Nuhu Ribadu, has claimed the number of deaths from...
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How Tiktok account created viral video of Senegalese president criticising France

Two days after Senegal presidential election, a video alleged to be of the eventual...

Misleading video of armed men stripping Nigerian students naked resurfaces online 

A video showing armed men ordering female students to strip naked has resurfaced online,...
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Did Israel’s prime minister promise to liberate black Africans?

A video appearing on TikTok has claimed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he...

Fact-Check: Did Nigerian soldiers escort gunmen to Plateau killings?

A Russian telegram channel Срочно, Сейчас (Urgent,Now), with more than 189,862 subscribers, claimed in a post...
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